Meeting Announcement – Canceled


At the request of John Zeliff (NW WDB Chair), the meeting to review proposals has been postponed until a later date.


The Executive and Youth Advisory (Proposal Review) Committees will meet in joint session on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. at Cameron City Hall, Cameron, MO.  The purpose of this meeting is  to review proposals received in response to the Northwest Workforce Development Board Request for Proposals for WIOA Youth and One-Stop Operator / Adult / Dislocated Worker Program services.

While this is an open meeting, attendees are reminded to abide by the NW WDB Conflict of Interest/Code of Conduct Policy (found on our website at;  click on the “About Us” link to Policies and Procedures).   In accordance with our Procurement Policy, the review process is as follows:

Review of Proposals:

For the WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker programs and the One-Stop Operator, the Northwest Workforce Development Board (NW WDB) Executive and Program Oversight Committee members receive the RFP guidelines, the proposals received in response to the RFP, and the proposal evaluation sheet after the submission deadline.  Committee members who represent an agency which has submitted a proposal for consideration are not included in this distribution. WDB staff and committee members independently review and score each proposal.

Chapter 610, Missouri Revised Statues, also known as the Sunshine provision, provides authorization for closing meetings and records under very prescribed circumstances.  Chapter 510.021(11) states”…a public governmental body is authorized to close meetings, records and votes to the extent they relate to the following…sealed proposals or any documents related to a negotiated contract until a contract is executed…”  While we believe these conditions are met with the selection of WIOA subcontractors, we like for the process to be as open as possible and choose not to close the committee meeting when proposals are reviewed.  We require that individuals who represent an agency which has submitted a proposal not participate in any committee discussion.

Award Recommendation:

During a joint meeting of the NW WDB Executive and Program Oversight Committees, those members discuss and review evaluations; a vote is cast in committee to recommend subcontractor(s) to the full board.

When WIOA Youth service providers are procured, a similar process is followed as described above.  The NW WDB Youth Council receives the proposals for review, as do the Executive and Program Oversight Committee Members.  The Youth Council members make a recommendation at the joint Executive and Program Oversight Committee meeting.  A recommendation is then presented to the full board for vote.

One note – the Program Oversight Committee and Youth Council have been changed since the publication of our procurement policy. The Board established a Youth Advisory Committee in place of the Youth Council; individuals on the Youth Advisory Committee with a conflict of interest have not been part of the procurement process so as  to avoid real or perceived conflict of interest.

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The address for Cameron City Hall in the agenda is incorrect, the correct address is 205 North Main Street, Cameron.


Lisa Hostetler
Executive Director
912 Main Street
Trenton, MO 64683
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