Board Meeting

Members, Commissioners, and Guests,

The link below is the meeting announcement (with agenda and supporting documents) for our upcoming Northwest Workforce Development Board meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.  We are meeting at the First Baptist Church, Cameron; a light meal will be served at 4:00, the business meeting will follow at 4:30.   Directions to First Baptist Church are on the first page of the attached.

You will notice in the agenda that there are subcontractor programmatic and fiscal sub-state monitoring reports that will be sent via email on May 31, 2018.  Brent and Jeanie are diligently working through the subcontractor monitoring process and will have their summaries complete on or before May 31st.   Those summaries feed the “Comprehensive summary evaluation of subcontractors  / contract extension consideration” document that will also be sent via email on May 31st.  With the contract awards effective on October 1, 2017 rather than July 1, 2017 last year, monitoring of subcontractors was pushed back on our calendars so there was enough activity to conduct a proper monitoring of subcontractor performance.  Just wanted you to be aware that the delay in getting the monitoring completed is not due to staff negligence or procrastination!

Although Department of Labor released state WIOA Title I allocations early this week, we don’t yet have our regional allocation figures.  I have a placeholder on the agenda in case we get that information prior to our June 5th meeting.

As always, your attendance is important – please RSVP so we have a proper meal count.


Lisa Hostetler


WDB Agenda June 2018

Agenda Item C.5. Programmatic and fiscal sub-state monitoring reports

Agenda Item C.6. Comprehensive Summary Evaluation of Subcontractors

2018 NCMC-WIB Admin Budget

2018 Sub Funding

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