Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes from the December 3, 2019 NW Workforce Development Board meeting are available for download below.   During the meeting, I announced there are vacant business and industry seats on the Board; I am including the list of counties from which we are seeking nominations to fill those seats.

A business and industry Board member is needed for each of the following counties:

  1. Atchison
    1. Clinton
    1. Holt
    1. Linn
    1. Putnam
    1. Worth

Communication to the respective county Presiding Commissioners was sent last week by NW WDB Fiscal Manager Jeanie Griffin; WDB staff will pursue any leads provided. 

To qualify as a business and industry representative, the following guidance is provided by Office of Workforce Development:

  • Are owners of businesses, chief executives or operating officers of businesses, or other business executives or employers with optimum policy-making or hiring authority. (The term “optimum policy-making authority” means an individual who can reasonably be expected to speak affirmatively on behalf of the entity he or she represents and to commit that entity to a chosen course of action [WIOA implementing regulations, 20 CFR 679.340(a)]); and
  • Represent businesses, including small business or organizations representing businesses described in this clause that provide employment opportunities that, at a minimum, include high-quality, work-relevant training and development in in-demand industry sectors or occupations in the local area [WIOA sec. 107(b)(2)(A)(i) and (ii)] (our regional in-demand industries are manufacturing, healthcare, banking/insurance, agriculture, retail);  and
  • Represent employment opportunities in high-growth, in-demand industry sectors within each region that are willing to engage in collaborative implementation of the sector-strategy implementation plan developed by the Missouri industry/sector partnership [WIOA sec. 3(26)]; and
  • Must be appointed from among individuals nominated by local business organizations and business trade associations [WIOA sec. 107(b)(2)(A)(iii)].

Please assist us as we fill vacant seats on the Board – our vacancies are problematic; federal regulations require that we have a business majority quorum.

As always, please contact me with any questions.

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