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Workforce Development Board (WDB) of Northwest Missouri is an appointed group of community leaders responsible for developing and directing employment – related opportunities. Our goal is an economically self-sufficient, productive and skilled workforce through partnerships with community, business, and the workforce. The board is certified by the Governor to set policy, guide implementation, and provide oversight to the local workforce development system, as authorized by Public Law 113-128, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014.

At the local level, a critical local board function is leading efforts to engage a diverse range of employers to develop effective linkages with regional employers to support their utilization of and participation in the local workforce system.

The local boards are also to enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration among employers, economic development entities and service providers to ensure activities meet the needs of employers and support economic growth in the region. In its plan, local boards are to describe (1) their strategies and services for employer engagement, including small employers and employers in in-demand industry sectors and occupations, in workforce programs; (2) how they will support a local system that meets the needs of local employers; (3) how they will better coordinate workforce development programs and economic development; ; and (4) the implementation of initiatives such as incumbent worker training programs, on-the-job training programs, career pathways initiatives, utilization of effective business intermediaries, and other business services and strategies designed to meet the needs of employers in the corresponding region. 7

WIOA emphasizes the provision of training that results in the attainment of postsecondary credentials that include industry-recognized certificates or certifications. It strengthens employment-based training by increasing the reimbursement rate to employers for on-the-job training and for customized training. WIOA provides local boards the opportunity to implement incumbent worker training programs using up to 20 percent of their Adult and Dislocated Worker program funds. It promotes the use of sector strategies to form partnerships among key stakeholders in an industry cluster or sector to and encourages them to offer other work-based training and/or carry out industry and sector strategies to identify and address the needs of multiple employers in the industry.

The WDB is also a forum for planning workforce development strategies. The Board attempts to anticipate economic and business trends, develop community linkages and partnerships, and provide a focus on system outcomes.

Members of the WDB include representatives from:

  • Business and Industry
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Economic Development
  • Labor
  • Education
  • One Stop Partners

The majority of membership on the Board is reserved for individuals with “optimum decision-making authority” in their business or industry. The Northwest Missouri Workforce Development Board shall be comprised of at least the minimum number of federally-mandated agency partners and at least the minimum number of private sector (business or industry) partners as required to maintain a majority of business representatives.

Though not voting members of the Northwest Missouri Workforce Development Board, the eighteen Presiding Commissioners are ex-officio members since they are ultimately responsible for all funds appropriated under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. They appoint members to the WDB, and work with the WDB to develop a local plan and oversee the One-Stop delivery system. They also have a separate body – the Chief-Elected Officials Coordinating Committee, which meets bi-annually to handle relevant workforce development issues.


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