Administrative and Program Procedures

  Administrative Issuances Date
A1 Exempt Status – Work Schedules 09/04/12
A2 Accident Reports 07/07/04
A3 Inclement Weather/ Administrative Leave 07/07/04
A4 Financial Mgmt & Accounting Procedures 09/13/22
A5 Travel 07/10/08
A6 Hiring Procedures 04/04/07
A7 Use of Computers, Telephones, Equipment 09/04/12
A8 Fraud and Abuse Procedures 06/05/18
A9 Salary Schedule 03/01/22
A10 Job Descriptions 09/04/12
A11 Drug-Free Workplace 07/08/04
A12 Sunshine Law Resolution 12/06/17
A13 Credit Card Policy 12/6/16
A14 Family Medical Leave  
A15 New Board Member Orientation Policy 03/02/21
A16 Signature Authority 03/29/11
A17 Confidentiality Policy 12/03/19
A18 Inventory Policy 12/7/21
A19 Record Retention Policy 12/7/21
A20 Program Income Policy 12/07/21
A21 Working with FBO and CBO–EO 13279 10/03/06
A22 Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity WIOA Complaint and Grievance 07/25/16
A23 Procurement 12/03/19
A24 Meals/Snacks/Beverages Policy 6/10/14
A25 Conflict of Interest/Code of Conduct Policy 9/18/15
A26 ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy 12/03/19
A27 Harrassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Policy 07/26/18
A28 Accessibility Policy – Persons with Limited English Proficiency 09/01/20
P1 Individual Training Account 09/13/22
P2 WIOA Supportive Services Policy 09/13/22
P3 Failure to Register for Selective Service 09/04/12
P4 WIOA Youth Incentive Policy 09/01/20
P5 WIOA Youth Locally-Defined Barrier 09/01/20
P6 Local Work-Based Learning Policy 09/01/20
P7 Sub-State Monitoring 09/13/22
P8 Determining Basic Skills Deficiency 12/03/19
P9 Local Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Selection 12/03/19
P10 Adult Employment & Training Priority of Service Policy 06/01/21
P11 Expenditure Rates and Training Criteria Policy (Adult & Dislocated Worker) 09/01/20
P12 Veterans Priority of Service 12/03/19
P13 Integration of Services (Co-enrollment) Policy 12/03/19
P14 Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) Policy 12/03/19
P15 Vocational Rehabilitation / Rehab Services for the Blind (VR / RSB) Coordination Policy 12/03/19
P16 Vocational Rehabilitation / Rehab Services for the Blind (VR / RSB) Coordination Policy 12/03/19
Participant Reimbursement Voucher
Participant Voucher Timesheet (Youth)
ITA Financial Commitment and Payment Form
Supportive Services Agreement Form

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