Credit Card Policy

Issuance No: A13
Issuance Date: October 8, 2010; revised 12/6/16
Subject: Credit Card Policy

The Northwest Workforce Development Board (WDB) shall hold a credit card in the name of the WDB Director.  The credit card will be kept in locked storage with limited access by WDB staff.  Use of the card must be approved by the Director and will only be available for work-related expenditures.

By accepting the credit card issued to the WDB Director and North Central Missouri College (NCMC), the Director understands and agrees to the following:

  • The college-issued credit card is to be used for WDB expenditures only.  PERSONAL USE IS PROHIBITED.
  • The card has a monthly spending limit of $5,000.
  • Receipts are required for ALL PURCHASES made with this credit card.
  • The WDB will receive a monthly credit card statement. This statement must be returned to the NCMC Business Office with the accompanying receipts in a timely fashion.

The WDB Director is responsible for credit card protection and custody and shall immediately notify the NCMC Chief Financial Officer if the card is lost, stolen or the subject of suspected credit card fraud.  The WDB Director shall return the card upon the termination of his/her employment or service to the WDB and NCMC.

Failure to comply with any of the above requirements will result in forfeiture of WDB/NCMC-issued credit card.  An employee who makes unauthorized use of a WDB/NCMC credit card will be subject to discipline consistent with WDB/NCMC policy and will be responsible for reimbursement of unauthorized/ineligible expenses.


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