Confidentiality Policy

Issuance No: A17
Issuance Date: April 4, 2007; Revised 1/6/09; 12/03/19
Subject: Confidentiality Policy

In accordance with OWD Issuance 13-2016

All staff of the Workforce Development Board, subcontracting agencies and/or consultants who use the statewide case management system as they carry out their duties in the workforce development system will comply with the Missouri Workforce Development System Confidentiality & Information Security Plan, Issuance 13-2016.  Prior to being assigned an access code to the statewide case management system, the staff or consultant will be required to demonstrate knowledge of this Confidentiality & Information Security Plan (later referred to as The Plan) by passing an electronically-administered exam.  Staff or consultants who do not use the statewide case management system but have access to confidential information as defined in The Plan will be required to sign the Northwest WDB Oath of Confidentiality stated below, or comply with their own agency confidentiality policies.  Documentation of confidentiality agreements will be maintained by the Program Operations Manager.  In addition to the exams and oaths, the confidentiality policy statement is incorporated in the Northwest Memorandum of Understanding.

“It is understood that the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Job Centers will require mutual trust and teamwork between the partner agencies, all working together to accomplish the shared goals.  It is further understood that respect and appropriate use of customer’s personal data is a requisite for partner participation in the workforce development system.  Through their signature on the MOU, all partners agree to this Oath of Confidentiality.

The Oath of Confidentiality signature page follows

Oath of Confidentiality

Serving as a member of the workforce development system in Northwest Missouri, I understand that, by virtue of my position, I may have access to confidential records of various Departments and Divisions of the State and Federal government.  I agree to guard this information from exposure and to adhere to all ethical and regulatory provisions regarding the divulging of information.  I understand that I may discuss this information with appropriate personnel only, and only as is necessary to discharge the duties of my position.  I further understand that violation of this Oath of Confidentiality could result in disciplinary action, based on severity of breach, as outlined in OWD Issuance 13-2016. 

My signature below confirms that I have read, understand, and accept the above Oath of Confidentiality.