Meals/Beverages/Snacks Provided With WIOA Funds

Issuance No: A24
Issuance Date: June 10, 2014
Subject: Meals/Beverages/Snacks Provided With WIOA Funds

When meals, snacks and/or beverages are provided at a NW WDB-sponsored event, the guidelines below shall be followed:

  1. The event must be deemed official business of the Northwest Workforce Development Board (NW WDB) and/or staff, which includes commissioner and board meetings (closed or public), training sessions, conferences and similar functions sponsored by the NW WDB and/or staff;
  2. Meals, snacks and/or beverages may be provided at other NW WDB-sponsored events, to include ceremonies recognizing awards, accomplishments, tenure, retirement, etc. of a board member or staff;
  3. Pre-approval by the NW WDB Director or the Director’s designee is required; and
  4. An event/meeting agenda plus attendee sign-in sheet must accompany the invoice for meals/beverages/snacks provided.

The NW WDB Workforce Development Act (WIOA) subcontractors will abide by this policy when WIOA funds are used to provide meals, snacks and/or beverages for sponsored events and only with prior approval by the NW WDB Director or the Director’s designee.

All pre-approved meal, snack and/or beverage costs must follow the “reasonable and allowable” principle of the applicable OMB circular.


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