Inclement Weather/ Administrative Leave

Issuance No: A3
Issuance Date: July 7, 2004
Subject: Inclement Weather/ Administrative Leave

Due to severe weather, acts of God, or the immediacy of threat/ danger, administrative leave may be declared by North Central Missouri College.  If it is declared as a result of severe weather, it is usually announced on KTTN prior to 7:30 am.  Due to our unique relationship to North Central Missouri College as employer, and our physical separation from them; it is possible that we will not learn about an administrative leave declaration until after the fact.  In that eventuality, all WDB employees will receive equal time off on a future date for the amount provided to other NCMC employees.  Also, due to the distances that WDB employees travel to work, it is possible some may experience weather conditions different from that in the Administrative office location.  Therefore, all WDB employees may exercise the option to use Personal or Vacation leave at any time they do not feel safe to report to work.  They are responsible for notifying their direct supervisor no later than ½ hour after their normal work schedule commences.


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