Issuance No: A5
Issuance Date: July 7, 2004; Revised 1/29/07, 6/26/07, 1/15/08, 2/07/08, 7/10/08
Subject: Travel

  1. AUTHORITY TO TRAVEL – All WDB employees who are required by official duty to travel both within and outside the eighteen county region must obtain permission prior to travel. For travel which does not require overnight lodging, verbal permission may be obtained.  For overnight travel, written travel authorization should be secured from the Director in advance of departure.


  1. REIMBURSEMENT – All WDB employees will be reimbursed for actual expenses for approved travel by submitting an expense voucher no later than 60 days after travel. All expenses, except mileage reimbursement, require a receipt/ invoice for payment.  Auto rental  requires the prior approval of the Director. Expenses which may be reimbursed include:

-airfare                                   -auto rental / taxi

-parking/ toll fees                 -miscellaneous expenses

-mileage reimbursement at the approved IRS rate/mile

-meals; not to exceed 130% CONUS

Reimbursement will normally be based upon departure from the WDB office or home, whichever results in the lower reimbursement.  If circumstances require the employee to report to the office prior to departure, reimbursement may begin from the office.  Under normal circumstances, WDB employees will not be reimbursed for travel from home to the WDB office.  When possible, a tax letter should be provided to the hotel to avoid being assessed state taxes.  Meals within the employee’s domicile will not normally be reimbursed, except when the employee is required to attend a meal function as part of their normal duties or is acting in official capacity during a meal.


WORK SCHEDULE DURING TRAVEL – The very nature of work-related travel implies that the employee will be working outside of the normal work schedule.  Employees may claim “hours worked” for work and/or travel while away from home.  Additionally, when the WDB employee departs from home before normal work hours or returns after normal work hours, the difference between departure/ arrival time and normal hours may be adjusted in their future work schedule.