Hiring Procedures

Issuance No: A6
Issuance Date: July 7, 2004; Revised 4/4/07
Subject: Hiring Procedures

  1. Application Procedures
    • Send procedural memo to College President and/or Human Resources Manager for approval
    • Update job description
    • Advertise vacancy – to  include brief description of job, filing deadline, and EOE statement
      • Post opening on Great Hires.com
      • Notify Media
  2. Screening/ Interview Procedures
    • Multiple WDB employees screen and rank applications
    • Develop interview format
    • Arrange/ conduct interviews with selected applicants
  3. Selection Procedures
    • Rate and score evaluations
    • Perform reference check on top candidate(s)
    • Send hiring recommendation to Board President
    • Notify selected applicant of contingency hiring status
    • Board of Trustees approval of selection
    • Notify all applicants
    • Complete employment contract/ orientation
  4. General Procedures
    • All applications submitted will be retained for at least one year.
    • Strict confidentiality must be maintained in each phase of hiring.
    • All hiring activities shall conform to both the letter and the spirit of applicable regulations.  Specifically, the WDB wants to be proactive in seeking a diverse staff.



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