Use of computers, telephones, and other equipment

Issuance No: A7
Issuance Date: July 7, 2004; Revised 7/7/08; 9/4/12
Subject: Use of computers, telephones, and other equipment

Equipment purchased and maintained by the WDB office should be used for their intended purpose.  Personal use should be kept to a minimum.  North Central Missouri College Board Policy Manual 3.6.00 and 3.11.00 reinforce the limitations on use of college resources, personnel, and equipment.

Because electronic communication is vital to the function of most WDB staff, a monthly communication allowance of $30 will be provided to each staff.  This allowance is intended to support each staff member’s individual determination of equipment/provider need based on their specific job functions, but must ensure that all staff are able to fulfill the requirements of their job description – including daily response to queries from subcontractors/customers.  Staff may use this allowance for cell phones, blackberries, personal laptops, or other communication equipment, software, or service provider fees.  This communication allowance should be requested on the monthly statement but does not require a receipt.  This procedure will take affect September 1, 2008.

This communication allowance will be available based on funding availability at the WDB Director’s discretion.