Salary Schedule

Issuance No: A9
Issuance Date: July 8, 2004; Revised 6/26/07, 3/29/11, 6/10/14; 6/29/16
Subject: Salary Schedule

Workforce Development Board Salary Schedule – rev. 2016


  • Minimum wage ($7.50/ hour) is the base for this schedule (Grade 1, Step 1)
  • 60% differential between each grade from grade 2 through grade 4
  • 5% differential between each step
  • Schedule will be reviewed annually, revised as necessary

 Examples of Positions by Grade

Grade 1 – Support functions; i.e. clerical, receptionist, data entry, etc.

Grade 2 – Coordinating functions; skilled clerical, WDB coordination, office coordination

Grade 3 – Management functions; Operations, Fiscal, etc.

Grade 4 – Executive Management

Only Grade 4 (Director) shall be considered an AMP (Administrative, Management, or Professional) position and therefore be eligible for certification in the Public School Retirement System / accumulate 20 days of vacation leave per year.  All other WDB employees will participate in the Non-Teacher’s School Employee Retirement System and will accumulate leave based upon the College classified staff schedule.  All WDB positions are considered exempt under Fair Labor Wage and Hour standards.


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