NW WDB WIOA Youth Locally-defined Barrier

Issuance No: P5
Issuance Date: June 10, 2014; Revised 6/5/15
Subject: NW WDB WIOA Youth Locally-defined Barrier

WIOA Youth Locally-defined barrier:  Individual that needs additional assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and retain employment. In addition to “needs additional assistance” the individual must have one of the following barriers:

  • Fired / Terminated;
  • At risk of drop out (in-school-youth only);
  • No employment history (supported by applicant statement or UI wage data);
  • Behavioral problems at school (in-school-youth only);
  • Substance Abuse;
  • Lacks occupational goals/skills;
  • Incarcerated parent(s); or
  • Domestic violence



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