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Questions about the RFP will be accepted April 12th – April 23rd using the comments section below. NW WDB staff will respond within one business day to each request. Questions regarding the RFP will not be accepted through any other form of communication. You have the ability to hide your identity from the public while submitting comments below by leaving the “name” field blank. Any email address entered below will not be made public during the question and answer process, it will only be used to notify you when your question has been answered. If you have problems submitting your questions below, please contact (bstevens@mail.ncmissouri.edu)

The Question and Answer Session is Open. Please submit your questions at the bottom of this page.


2 thoughts on “2021 One-Stop Operator RFP

  1. What types of training does the Northwest Workforce Development Board and its staff expect the One-Stop Operator to attend as part of their duties? Please Include any in-house and regional trainings please.

    • The Board does not have a list of training required for the One-Stop-Operator. The Board expects the One-Stop-Operator would attend training relevant to the role that is offered through a Workforce Association, Office of Workforce Development, or the Local Board.

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