Wellness Initiative for WDB staff

Issuance No: A15
Issuance Date: March 10, 2005
Subject: Wellness Initiative for WDB staff

In recognition that a work environment /culture that supports the health and well-being of employees contributes directly to higher productivity, reduced medical and insurance costs, and increased morale; a comprehensive wellness initiative will begin May 1, 2005 for all WDB employees.  This initiative is designed around the six dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and occupational.

Each employee will develop an Individual Wellness Plan (IWP) to be included in the annual performance evaluation.  The IWP should include at least the following three elements:

  1. A self-reflective narrative evaluating progress toward goals established in the prior year;
  2. A statement of clear and measureable goals in at least two of the six wellness dimensions; and
  3. A declaration of usage option selected.

Employees must select only one of the following usage options, and may only change the option selected in the annual IWP:

  • Direct reimbursement for allowable wellness expenses up to $1000 per year

(see examples below); or

  • Paid time off to extend lunch break or allow for later begin/ earlier end to regular work schedule, not to exceed ½ hour per work day; or
  • Paid “sabbatical” leave – see 5.12.65 of the Board Policy Manual (Only the Board of Trustees may approve this option)

In each case, activities being reimbursed or undertaken during paid time off/ sabbatical must align with goals established in the IWP.

Allowable wellness expenses may include: memberships to fitness facilities, subscriptions to magazines or other periodicals in any of the six wellness dimensions, purchase of fitness equipment, hardware/software, literature, or relevant classes, cessation programs, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, counseling sessions, marital/family therapy or classes, weight reduction programs, and tuition allowance for College courses other than NCMC (up to $70 per credit hour with approval of the President) – see 5.12.80 of the Board Policy Manual.  Other reimbursement requests must be approved by the WDB Director.


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